Time Tracking

Capitalize Costs

Depreciating costs (of capitalized development projects) over a five- to seven-year period has tremendous implications to the bottom line. SOP 98-1 mandates that organizations track how time is spent on various project activities. Different rules also apply to different stages of a project and types of activities. Costs must be expensed as incurred in preliminary stages, capitalized upon completion of the preliminary stage during the application development stage and expensed as incurred in the operations stage. Our solution classifies tasks and projects and helps organizations follow SOP 98-1 regulations to positively impact the bottom line.

Improve Team Communication

Reducing over-allocation of resources while balancing project priority is an on-going management challenge. Our solution helps view resource(s) availability prior to assignment communication and long after initial assignments are delegated. Availability is viewed based on any selection criteria across multiple projects and project managers in a virtual project or a live consolidated project. Balancing individual project assignments with assignments from other projects helps ensure the predicted schedule is completed on time and within budget.

Standardize Timesheet 

Capturing all time, either planned or non-project activities, across an organization is a common objective to achieve various goals. Unforeseen tasks such as support, meetings, sick days all need to be tracked and allocated because of the effects they have on other projects within the organizations that are vital to its success. WebTime is extremely easy to use with the average user only logging in 2-5 minutes per week while accomplishing the organization's objectives. The server based technology has an extremely low cost of ownership. There is no installation to the desktop at all, thus providing an easily maintainable solution.