Services are an essential part of deploying an enterprise level solution. ProjectExchange offers these services to ensure your implementation is successful.

Process, Methods and Integration

Our team of Process Consultants and Implementation Managers will work with you to design the best rollout strategy for your enterprise program management solution. By creating a Corporate Deployment Guide and fostering a team relationship, everyone works together to achieve the common goal of a successful system.

Project Office Support

Our consultants help with various Project Office objectives. Activities range from creating project plans to migrating legacy information to working one on one with project managers to facilitate project management. The service is flexible, addressing specific needs of the organization. In doing so, we maximize the effectiveness of project management in your organization.

Solution Development

Everyone has a unique definition of an enterprise work management system, which is supported by a unique process flow and business practice. While ProjectExchange supplies turnkey solutions, we can also develop add-on solutions to ensure that you receive a perfect fit for your organization and the greatest return on investment.


Training services focus specifically on how to utilize and benefit from all of the solution's features. Although our solutions are extremely easy to use and maintain, we encourage organizations to implement a comprehensive training program. Team members comfortable with our products, and the organization's methods, benefit most.