Resource Planning

Improve Team Utilization

Team members can immediately view assigned tasks from Microsoft Project on the web based timesheet thus benefiting the individual contributor by better understanding activity details and by providing schedule and actual progress feedback. Clients who take advantage of our integration with Microsoft Project experience their plans automatically updated with the click of the mouse. Estimated hours, actual hours and comments are all easily viewed within Microsoft Project prior to re-scheduling the project. Our users often link scope definitions, graphics, work statements, project plans, etc to their projects or tasks. Team members access the documents via a link directly from their timesheet. This solution provides both parties with a clear understanding of management expectations. Project and Team Managers benefit by improving communication and clarifying activity schedules, deliverables and actual progress.

Forecast Future Demand

Planning for future demand is an essential factor in all organizations. People today are shared among multiple projects and project managers. To plan your resources effectively, understanding the workload and skills necessary to meet the new and upcoming project demands is essential. Our solution stores resource information in a central repository by role and FTE (full time equivalent) providing you the ability to view capacity requirements without planning the activity assignment detail associated with the project. This helps provide managers advance notice of peaks and valleys while easing the burden of detail project scheduling. Thus, helping to eliminate workload spikes.

Identify the "Right" Resource

Project leaders often find it difficult to locate the "right" resource for the task at hand. Providing a solution that enables you to define an unlimited amount of resource attributes and an easy method to search the repository is extremely beneficial. Attributes such as locations, skill, group, division, etc. are highly effective in helping to easily find the right person for the right job. Thus, increasing the likelihood of achieving project deliverables on time and within budget.