Program Management

Improve Budgeting and Recognize Revenue 

Our solution provides organizations with capabilities to compare budget, plans and actual performance. Budgeting is easily performed at the project level by allocating at the role or skill level. Individual project plans generate schedule detail and is compared against budgets and actuals. Our robust reporting solutions alert managers of potential problems before going over budget. Our clients often utilize the "fee for service" approach and charge back all hours worked and projects to a defined department(s) / client(s), etc. We enable managers to assess a project's percent complete to recognize revenue not already recognized, and to measure profit and loss across multiple regions, projects and project managers.

Improve the Efficiency of Executing Project Methodology 

Each organization uses and defines their own project methodology. Our solution executes and ensures the defined methodology is followed throughout the project's life cycle. Users define the project and task level fields necessary to execute the preferred methodology. Our solution automatically captures project and task information, and list boxes values are centrally maintained to ensure consistency across the entire organization. Identifying the project methodology and associating it to the plan provides the insurance that the defined process is being followed and can be easily assessed and reviewed.

Streamline and Speed Up Billing 

Streamlining and speeding up the billing process is important in project and work based organizations. To reach this goal, our clients often classify individual Microsoft Project plans by Client name or by department (internal client). ProjectExchange provides the ability to track a projects completion by milestone, activity effort and/or percent complete to provide the appropriate type of tracking system for the particular business need. Our solution automatically alerts project managers of milestones that slip to help focus on completing the project on-time and within budget.

Organizations also need to capture a foreign project id to integrate with their specific financial system. This helps to speed up the billing process and provides the best tools to accomplish the task at hand. Project leaders use Microsoft Project to schedule critical path type activities and AddInfo to link a particular project plan to the organization's financial system. Team members use WebTime to track actuals and the back office uses an ERP system to perform billing and other financial reporting. Incorporating the best tools provides the greatest return on investment.