Knowledge Management

Increase Multiple Project Reporting Capabilities

The complete organization benefits by employing a scalable solution to provide a planning spectrum throughout the enterprise. Storing Microsoft Project Plans in a central repository is just the first step to increasing multiple project reporting capabilities. Classifying and validating both project and task level information is essential to provide accurate and consistent reports. Our solution provides managers with both ad hoc and best reporting practice templates to easily access business conditions.

Provide Management Controls and Monitor Plans and Progress

Senior managers benefit from a solution designed to handle their unique multiple-project resource sharing, reporting and decision support requirements. Furnishing management with flexible controls is accomplished by integrating the organization's existing business process into the configuration and deployment of ProjectExchange. Whether initiating a project, executing the organization's methodology or simply scheduling a project, our solution provides an easy to use, yet controlled enterprise work management environment.

Increase Knowledge Sharing to Improve Decision Making

Integrating your people, project and time information with ERP or other financial applications is extremely beneficial when executing business processes or analyzing enterprise information. HR and/or project cost information integration is easy to do with the capabilities of AddInfo, our open database structure and our open application object model.

Clients utilize information from ProjectExchange to perform project forecasts, provide summaries and generate management reports with real time information. Facilitating this information with other divisions such as sales, marketing, and development improves the decision making process and improves productivity across the organization.