Deploying a successful time management solution takes the right people, solutions, resources and knowledge.

ProjectExchange understands this through experience.

The foundation of our deployment discipline is simple:

  • Listen to our Clients,
  • Communicate Frequently, and
  • Establish a Team Relationship

Since 1991, we have offered a comprehensive array of services to help organizations succeed in accomplishing time management goals and objectives. Our services range from training and project office support, to defining requirements and business system integration.

WebTime was introduced in 1995 as a messaging based time tracking solution called Distributed Project Management (DPM).  We completely re-engineered the solution in 1997 as a web based application, removed our messaging dependence, and changed the name of the timesheet application to WebTime.  We subsequently changed our corporate name from Information Management Services (IMS) to ProjectExchange, Inc.   

Our software solutions have been utilized for over a decade by several companies who have enjoyed the benefits of seamless upgrades and world class application stability.

ProjectExchange is committed to supporting all of your time management requirements to provide you with the greatest return on investment.