The bottom line is return on investment. Whether implemented standalone or in conjunction with other software solutions, time management solutions provide a return on investment by helping to:

  • Contain costs
  • Maximize resource productivity
  • Achieve project deliverables
  • Ensure commitments are on time
  • Measure financial projections
  • Improve the decision making process
  • Track costs and recognize revenue
  • Facilitate budgeting

Our fundamental belief is that each organization has unique business goals. Our primary solution design goal is to provide a system with the inherent flexibility to accommodate distinct business requirements while providing end-users with an easy to use system. Depending upon your organizational requirements, return on investment varies.

We have been successfully implementing high quality solutions since being founded in 1991.  Our clients include the world's most prestigious and most efficiently run organizations. With successful implementations spanning three continents and thousands of users, ProjectExchange has the experience to ensure your implementation succeeds.  

The roots of our solutions are project management, time & billing and activity based cost accounting. Throughout the 70's, 80's and into the 90's, the project management market consisted of organizations whose bread and butter consisted of large autonomous projects with a focus on completing projects on time and within budget. As IT and financial organizations faced the Euro currency conversion and Y2K fears emerged in the late 90's, the emphasis of project management turned to resource planning with organizations managing large numbers of small projects. This transformation of the project management market coincided with a maturing time and billing market to create today's time management market. ProjectExchange has evolved with and supported large organizations through this transformation.